Saffron Road’s Management and Directors are pioneers in the natural and organic food movement and have exercised great care to ensure that our products are deliciously natural. All of our meat is sourced from small farm operations that treat the animal humanely and never use antibiotics and growth hormones. Even our Basmati rice is selectively hand-picked from farmers who share our sustainable values and all our chickpeas are organic.

Adnan Durrani, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Durrani is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the American Halal Co. Inc., which wholly owns its flagship brand Saffron Road. Mr. Durrani has been a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist for almost three decades, as President of Condor Ventures, Inc., a venture firm devoted to strategic investing in natural food companies. Saffron Road the first halal product to be sold nationally in all Whole Foods Stores and now 8,000 other retail food stores in USA. Whole Foods, the #7 ranked US food retailer with over $13 billion in sales, has noted Saffron Road as being the most successful new brand launch in their frozen shelf nationally in recent history. His entrepreneurial ventures have resulted in a successful track record of scaling and growing niche beverage and natural food product lines into mainstream branded companies, using grassroots marketing strategies and developing distribution relationships with major supermarket chains. Mr. Durrani founded Vermont Pure in 1991. Today, Vermont Pure/Crystal Rock is the 2nd largest bottled water company in the Northeast U.S. Mr. Durrani and Condor Ventures were also financial partners in Stonyfield Farms, Inc. He was also a principal of Delicious Brands, Inc., which he scaled, with the financial backing of Carl Icahn, to become the 5th largest cookie brand in the U.S. He also served on the Board, and was Finance Chairman, of Social Venture Network. He has been recognized by BBMG and SVN as one of the entrepreneurs who engineered “20 Ideas That Changed The Way The World Does Business”. The select list of these inductees include: Ben Cohen (Ben & Jerry’s), Gary Hirshberg (Stonyfield Farms), Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize, Grameen Bank), and Steve Case (AOL).

Mr. Durrani is Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Visitors of the Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences of Columbia University, where he is also Chairman of the Entrepreneurial Advisory Board. Mr. Durrani received an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and economics from Columbia University. Mr. Durrani also serves on the Board of Directors of Maple Hill Creamery, LLC, the leading national organic grass-fed yogurt brand in the US.

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