Saffron Road’s Management and Directors are pioneers in the natural and organic food movement and have exercised great care to ensure that our products are deliciously natural. All of our meat is sourced from small farm operations that treat the animal humanely and never use antibiotics and growth hormones. Even our Basmati rice is selectively hand-picked from farmers who share our sustainable values and all our chickpeas are organic.

M. Dolores Paoli, Board of Directors

Ms. Paoli was a co-founder and former Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vermont Pure, a leading bottled water brand. She co-founded Vermont Pure in 1991. Prior to founding Vermont Pure, Ms. Paoli was the Assistant Corporate Director for Construction and Development for Property Resources, one of New York City’s top building developers, where she was the developer on billion dollar plus real estate projects. Prior to that Ms. Paoli had her own law practice whereby she had represented clients in more than 300 real estate transactions. Ms. Paoli received a B.S. degree from the University of Pennsylvania, a Juris Doctorate degree from New York Law School and a Master’s of Science in Real Estate Development from Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture and Planning. She is also a decade long member of Social Venture Network and a dedicated socially conscious entrepreneur. Ms. Paoli is a charter member of the American Institute of Islamic and Arabic Studies and often speaks at interfaith forums on both female perspectives on Islam as well as bridges between interfaith communities.