• I honestly believe you have what it take to make a wonderful success out of your new Business.......as your flavors are like no other brand, being sophisticated, appealing to an age old touch that has been missing in the Food market of today!!! In my Book "You Are Hired", and I dearly Hope other companies other than Safeway, will soon Stock their shelves with your fine products!!!
    Elizabeth A.
    Elizabeth A.Honolulu, Hawaii
  • I had to take a minute to contact you, as I am currently thoroughly enjoying your chicken enchiladas poblano meal. The meal is delicious, the spices are flavorful, and clearly time and thought were taken to choose quality ingredients. I appreciate you offering something so delicious in the middle of my work day. This was my first meal, I am now a loyal customer.
    Kristi B.
    Kristi B. Westerville, OH
  • I just wanted to let you know how amazing your chicken pad thai is! It is the best frozen meal I've ever had (and I'm in college so that's saying something) and it even beats pad thais that I've had at some restaurants! I see myself buying a lot more in the near future. Congrats on making such an amazing dish!!
    MikeChampaign, IL
  • I noticed Saffron Road in the freezer section. Kuddos to your marketing department for your packaging.
    Debbi R. Davison, MI
  • I love the SR frozen entrees we buy at Sprouts in Sunnyvale. However, we were just at Safeway and ran into Falafel crunchy chickpeas. These are really good! You have another winning product. We'll be trying the two other flavors as well. About gluten-free. I'm happy that SR is gluten-free because that is the diet I'm required to follow.
    Victor D.
    Victor D.Sunnyvale, CA
  • I bought your product, Lamb Saag, frankly because of the packaging and reading the ingredients. Thought, hmmm, looks good sounds good for a quick meal and a good price. Well, I must say I was amazed. The rice was perfect , the spices superb and the lamb….what can I say except the lamb tasted like lamb should. Not washed out yet a bit gamey, pungent & tender as lamb should be. I LOVE lamb and for a so called "fast food" dinner your Lamb Saag is excellent! Your lamb tasted better than lamb roasts I buy at the supermarket! I didn't microwave it, cooked in the oven. All in all, your product surpasses any I have bought in years. Looking forward to the Chicken Vindaalo. Finally Indian cooking without going to a restaurant for it! I am an excellent cook yet Indian foods surpass me…the complicated spices. You have done it to perfection! Thank you for such a great product.
    Anna L.
    Anna L.

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